This 5-valve set was first manufactured in 1949. Housed in a Walnut veneered plywood cabinet it has Long, Medium and 6 short-wave bands. An unusual and interesting feature was the fact that it was able to tune the Maritime Trawler band a frequency shared by radio amateurs and various navigational beacons. In the evening time in the 1950’s and 60’s this band would come alive.

With a good aerial connected and careful tuning it was possible to hear local radio amateurs chatting away to each other and fisherman some with strong foreign accents discussing their catches and sea conditions. Today due to technical advances in communication equipment most of these transmissions have now moved to allocated channels within the VHF/UHF spectrum.

Did you know...
The retail-selling price for this model was £22.1s.0d plus purchase tax. The average working wage in 1949 was £4.14s.0d for a 47hour week.
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