This 5-valve Superhet radio was first introduced by Murphy in 1954. Housed in a smart plastic cabinet these little radios were promoted in the manufacturers sales literature to be ‘second fiddle’ or first violin as they were small enough to move round the house and could be used as a second set.

Fine performance and good value made it a “one and only set” for a lot of people at the time. The internal Ferrite Rod Aerial (a new innovation at this time) gave the set the capability of receiving a large number of stations both on the Medium and Long wavebands and removed the necessity to connect up an outside aerial. Quality and volume of sound was excellent, due to a special bass compensating circuit developed for this small set.

Did you know...
The retail-selling price for this model was £13.10s.0d Including tax. The average working wage in 1954 was £6. 4s.10d for a 47hour week.
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