This 4 valve battery portable T.R.F. receiver is housed in a solid walnut cabinet. The radio has a paper cone loudspeaker, and requires H.T, Grid Bias and accumulator batteries to operate. The cabinet bottom has a turntable so that the receiver can be rotated in order to detect and direction find radio stations using its internal frame aerial. The tuning controls are mounted in a panel on the right hand side of the cabinet, and a door at the back of the cabinet provides access for storage of the batteries.

Pye were responsible for one of the most famous trademarks the ‘rising sun’ a fretwork design on the model Q cabinets in 1932. This trademark was used on a series of Pye radios during the 1930s, it was later abandoned shortly after WW2 ended. The classic design ‘rising sun’ receivers are now very sought after with Art Deco collectors. Sunrise patterns formed a major part of design during the 1930s and were incorporated into objects ranging from furniture to buildings.

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