Manufactured by Ferguson in 1967 this nine transistor radio is housed in a leather-covered case. Most of the radios internal components were assembled on 3 separate printed circuit boards then inter-connected on the main chassis during final assembly. An internal compartment under the hinged Ferguson emblem top plate housed a 9volt battery (PP9) to power the set.

This radio featured 3 reception wavebands Medium and Long wave also VHF on a separate tuning dial. A ferrite rod aerial was fitted for MW and LW reception plus a separate telescopic aerial for VHF reception. An external aerial socket was also provided for car use and also a separate socket for output to a tape recorder.

Did you know...
The retail-selling price was £17.12s.11d plus purchase tax. The average working wage in 1967 was £9.18.10d for a 47hour week.
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