Manufactured by Ferguson in 1973. This 21-transistor radiogram was finished in a Sapele veneered wooden cabinet. The top pull up and slide opening door arrangement gives access to the main controls and to a Garrard 4 speed record autochanger deck plus a record storage compartment. All the electronic components are mounted on a single printed circuit board.

The radio featured 3 reception wavebands, medium, long and FM. A series of 5 push buttons are used to select the wavebands plus gram and tape outputs. Four rotary control knobs adjust on/off-volume, treble, bass and balance settings. A ferrite rod aerial is fitted to aid reception on the medium and long wavebands.

Did you know...
Two loudspeakers are used plus extra circuitry is employed to decode VHF Stereo broadcasts. A din socket on the rear of the cabinet is provided for tape input plus a twin socket for the connection of an external FM dipole aerial.
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