This 4 valve portable TRF* radio was manufactured in London in 1933. Powered by dry batteries it was able to receive stations in the medium and long wave bands. The wooden outer case is covered in a blue lizard skin material. The interior is walnut veneered with Art Deco features. This was one of the firsts of a generation of so called Suitcase Radios that was later to become a very popular design concept with several radio manufacturers.

*T.R.F. (Tuned Radio Frequency) receiver was among the first designs available in the early days when means of amplification by valves became available. The basic principle was that all radio frequency stages simultaneously tuned to the received frequency before detection and subsequent amplification of the audio signal. When a radio station was detected it was necessary to use a reaction control to adjust the RF level to prevent overload and the receiver going unstable.

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