The WM-7 is arguably the most complex of all the Walkman models. It was the first to have electronic “logic” tape transport keys and the first to offer remote control. It is also the only model to have 3 motors, though only one of them is used for tape transport.

The introduction of the WM-7 brought several new features to the Walkman range. As well as the electronic controls, it featured auto-reverse, Dolby B noise reduction and a “hold” function that blocked all the keys when set.

Did you know...
Operation was simple. Providing the safety switch was not set to “hold”, pressing either of the two play keys would start the tape in the direction desired. Two LED indicators showed both the tape direction and the battery condition. Winding in either direction could be initiated instantly without damage as all movements were synchronised electronically. As well as having Dolby NR, the WM-7 also had a switch that allowed chrome and metal tapes to be played back correctly.
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